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As a native to Denver, Colorado, the designer of SAJ Studio, LLC expresses her pride for her indigenous culture through art and jewelry. The artist's culture and heritage influences her designs in a unique and fashionable way that has been enjoyed by her clients for over 10 years.

SAJ Studio, LLC has the unique ability to redesign jewelry that brings new life to repurposed pieces. Together her custom designs and years of pushing the boundaries of her skill, have given her the ability to turn personal treasures into both meaningful and wearable art.

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An Old Cigar Box

This client kept her late father’s rings in an old cigar box. With the free will to repurpose these rings Shawn transformed these pieces into wearable designs. When the old jewelry was presented, the care and love that was poured into the work brought back life to both the art and to the client.

A Tale of Two Stones

The client presented the designer with two Boulder Opal stones that were set into custom bezels, transforming them into beautiful necklaces.

Fire Agate

This client was gifted with a beautiful Fire Agate ring when she was 16 and several years later asked the designer to transform her piece into a bracelet.